Taster sessions

We take new members throughout the year so it’s never too late to try out Taekwondo. Message us on Facebook to show your interest, and you can try out a session for free. A committee member will meet you in the S&F reception 15 minutes before training starts to let you into the building. Training times are:

Sunday: 1830-1930
Monday: 2010-2140
Wednesday: 2000-2130

If you already have access to the building (e.g. gym membership) then you can go straight to Studio 2 yourself 15 minutes before training starts. Ascend the stairs closer to the barriers to the 2nd floor.

The training session will not be geared towards new members – we only run these kind of taster sessions at the beginning of autumn – but our club has members of all abilities and you’ll get guidance throughout.

If you have any questions contact us through the contact page, or find us on Facebook!