Winter Championships 2018


On 17th February 2019, University of Birmingham Taekwondo Club took part in the BSTF Winter Championships at Nottingham Trent, Lee Westwood Sports Centre.

The team was coached by Hamid Ghayoorzadeh and Fabian Burkhardt, with Marianna Hurst and Haydn Price volunteering. 11 members competed; Ismael Coulibaly, Rachel Higgins, Catriona Baker, Fabian Burkhardt, Antony Duff, Usman Ali, Zara Hawzey, Haydn Price, Marianna Hurst and Justin Tan.

The results were absolutely amazing! We placed in the top 10 Universities that day, sitting comfortably in 9th place with 37.0 points. With their hard work and indomitable spirit, the team came away with 9 medals!

  • Ismael A class fighting WT Gold
  • Rachel C class fighting WT Gold and ITF Gold
  • Catriona C class fighting WT Silver
  • Fabian A class Kukkiwon Poomsae Bronze
  • Antony B class fighting WT Bronze
  • Usman B class fighting WT Bronze
  • Zara C class fighting WT Bronze
  • Haydn C class fighting WT Bronze

This was one of the most successful competitions for our club and we are immensely proud of our team’s achievements. A massive congratulations to everyone and we look forward to the Spring Championships next month!

[Sharon Chan, Social Media Officer]

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