Autumn Championships 2018



On 18th November 2018, the University of Birmingham Taekwondo Club participated in the Autumn Championships at Jean Brown Indoor Arena, London.

Fabian Burkhardt competed in the A-class Kukkiwon Poomsae male division and impressively achieved a silver medal. He was surprised at the number of participators as there were 33 other Universities and 125 patterns competitors overall. Nevertheless, Fabian executed his performance fantastically and accomplished incredible results.

Coached by Fabian, Richard Pearce participated in the A-class WT Sparring division. Having had previous experience as an ITF fighter, Richard entered the Autumn Championships in prospect of gaining insight at his first WT competition with the BSTF. Amazingly, Richard placed 5th amongst many other very experienced fighters.

The Autumn Championships was extremely successful for both Richard and Fabian and the club is immensely proud of their results. This has been a fruitful first competition of the academic year and we are very excited for more.

[Sharon Chan, Social Media Officer 18/19]

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