Lion’s Cup, Nottingham

Seven club members – Antony Duff, Dan Wallace, Tom O’Sullivan, Henry Yao, Hettie Martin, Osanne Gbayere and Justin Tan – fought in the World Taekwondo style sparring tournament, coached by Hamid Ghayoorzadeh and Tom Hughes. With their skill, hard work and determination, they achieved 1 gold (Osanne), 4 silver (Antony, Dan, Tom, Henry) and 1 bronze (Hettie).

Highlights include a dramatic sudden death round for Dan Wallace. After a good start, fatigue lost Dan his 7 point lead, and the third round ended with a 14 point draw. Hettie Martin, who has recently participated in Army Taekwondo trials, also completed in poomse (patterns) as well as sparring. Osanne sailed through his fight to win gold with plenty of energy to spare.


For many of our fighters, this was their first Taekwondo tournament after their first grading, and we are looking forward to seeing them achieve even more at Nationals next month.

The club enjoyed some well-earned Thai food at Zaap after the competition, followed by some intense Uno, Battleships, Connect 4 and Chess at board game cafe Ludorati.

Many thanks to Hamid G and Tom H for coaching; and to Mahisa, Tom H and Youssef for driving.

[Ann Lu, Social Media Officer]

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